Jenny Hannah Roche is a narrative-based photographer working in analog and digital mediums. Raised by a golden-haired gypsy mother under a fog blanket in rural Oregon, she grew tall and saucy in a log cabin fashioned with a Jacuzzi bathtub but no indoor toilet to speak of. Mom traded Grateful Dead shows for Disneyland vacations and purchased Jenny Hannah her first camera, at age sixteen. 

Jenny left home that same year and traveled near and far. She lived in a few national parks and in a tent on Orcas Island. That camera seemed to be the only item she never lost; like a second appendage it pointed her in divine directions. She had a voracious appetite for people and their stories, and her trusty companion got her an unlimited backstage pass. 

The pursuit of higher education was the most expensive gift she ever gave herself. At 26, she attended Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she was awarded participation in the 2007 New York Studio program. She graduated as photo laureate in 2009 and completed her thesis work with the series "Memento Morie."

After graduation she sold everything she owned (which was not a lot) and bought a one way ticket to New York. She did many things in the big apple, some of which will not be mentioned here. She assisted fashion photographers, and wrote copy for production magazines. She helped curate art actions, performed in installations, and sloughed through the yellow snow to get one too many editors/photographers tacos and whiskey. She decided to go home.

 Before her departure she was invited to participate in a group show at the Chelsea Hotel. She had an electric time in the bohemian manor and left the city content. On the trip home she entertained the notion, that  perhaps small fragments of the hotels revered occupants had traveled back west with her.

Jenny now balances her time between commissioned portraits, commercial and fashion narratives, and her personal projects. She is currently collaborating with northwest writer Felisa Rogers on a story about the magical journey of a melancholy girl who finds recognition and friendship with rats. Another current project maps the history of the gallant ladies who paved the way west for Jenny’s family.

She is a purveyor of beauty, heat and light. Her desire is to breathe life into the written word and capture worlds that exist between the folds of memory, reality and imagination. She searches for traces of our own collective desire and vulnerability. On a good day, she snares the thundering howls and quiet surrenders that define our experience in this place we call home.

Contact her for inquires regarding commissions, projects, collaborations, and whatever else comes to mind at